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Top 12 vaping liquid flavors: Which flavors are most common?

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         Top 12 liquid flavors 

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With so many different flavors of e-juice currently available, it can be difficult to know which liquid to try first.  That’s why we have compiled the twelve most popular and most popular flavors for your vaping fun.
 1. USA mix
 With a musk flavor that is both clean and bold, the USA blend is sure to please the cowboys inside you.  If the richer flavors don’t appeal to you, the taste of the mix in the USA tastes how you’ve always hoped to smoke an electronic cigarette.
2. Jamie the Bear
 Inspired by the famous Gummi Bear shot, this eJuice contains all the taste of gummi bear candy, whatever pleases the drink named after it, and no residue or calories
By far my favorite flavor of my sampler pack!  It tastes amazing, a deep flavor for me and my friends who can’t get enough of its taste just like a Red Sour Patch kid with sour … Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed … at 4.0V with my 2.1Ohm clearo they just give more  Delicious and delicious throat I’ve ever encountered.  I found that with my variable voltage device I could show up or down and find that juice gives a different glance with each crazy adjustment
3. Bake the banana hazelnut
 Just as my mother used to do!  Or maybe better.  This rich flavor is sure to be saturated and does not contain all these carbohydrates
4. Blue Raz cotton candy
 This gorgeous sweet juice re-cures the carnival.  Created by PDF application
5. Peach green tea
 Don’t pass this one.  Green tea peach is smooth, subtle, it will lighten your soul.  The perfect flavor for a vape after a long day of work


6. Pink spot
 This delicious blend of eJuice features a signature blend with a touch of lime, berries and pineapple.  You won’t be disappointed
7. Watermelon wave
 The refreshing flavor of the watermelon wave will make you spit the seeds.  Must try for fans of delicious electronic liquids
8. Black Mamba

 This juice inspired Cocktail E has some serious bite.  This bold mixture is distinguished by 

cranberries, cranberries and 

.citrus hints

9. Drop frozen lime
 Another wonderful cocktail flavor, what makes this sweet and sour flavor “frozen” is a hint of menthol that will keep you cool
10. Rip the tide
 With a blend of cold menthol, this distinctive blend of blueberries and strawberries will send you on a beachside holiday, no matter where you are
11. Swagger
 With a soft tobacco-based flavor, this is the taste that will seal the deal for those looking to switch from cigarettes to fumigation.  Don’t fail this time
12. Peach Pit Tobacco
 This e juice is a nice vape, you can enjoy all day long.  A perfect balance of peach and tobacco flavor, this eJuice may well be
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