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The Chicago River is dyed green once a year

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The Chicago River is dyed green once a year

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It is an ancient tradition dating back more than half a century, the dyeing of the Chicago River in green and the reason for this, this tradition was followed by the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which is commemorated by some countries around the world, where a vegetal and harmless coloring is used to color the river in green, and keep the river  Dyed this color for 12 hours and then go away gradually to return the river to its natural color

The origin of this tradition is far from the festive atmosphere.  The Chicago River was first dyed green in 1962 as part of a campaign to uncover toxic sewage from the sewage.
Steveen Bailey is a member of the local Chicago of the planets, which was the first to protect the event to celebrate the Strand Patrick, after the success of this practice, became an integral part of the tradition of the Strand Patrick’s anniversary of the years. But the green fluorescent dye was changed as an adverse environment, used a plant dye

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