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Prostitution and corruption among famous stars

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In the monitoring of the most prominent stars and public figures who were exposed to the use of prostitutes, and paid money for the establishment of sexual relations, although some of them were linked to beautiful girls and celebrities famous, what is the secret of the attachment of men in general and celebrities, especially women prostitutes?
 Hugh Grant
 Police arrested the handsome British star Huygrant in 1995, and his trip to custody, wearing only his underpants, after finding him to have oral sex with a famous prostitute known as Devine Brown, note that Grant was then emotionally linked to the beautiful actress Elizabeth Hurley,  This scandal destroyed his relationship with her.
 Grant paid $ 1,180 in fines to get out of that crisis, and he also underwent two years of surveillance.  And certainly a lot of public shame.
 Charlie Sheen
 Charlie Sheen admitted that he paid more than 27 on-demand girls to Madame Hollywood famous Heidi Fleis, and confirmed that he had lost his virginity with a prostitute when he was 15 years old using his father’s credit card Martin Sheen.
 Tiger Wood  
 Though he was married, Tiger Wood continued to have sex with prostitutes, according to Michelle Brown, one of the girls’ women workers.
 In 2009, Michael Brown told The New York Post that golfer Tiger Wood paid the $ 60,000 reward for the championship for four companions, who met each at least six times.
 Eddie Murphy
 While the police arrested Eddie Murphy with a transgender prostitute in his car, the latter was married. He responded to the police that he was driving and found her on the road and wanted to help her only, pointing out that what prompted him to stop her was “his desire to  To be a good man! “.
 The R&B star, Anglo, who has been repeatedly arrested for his disorderly behavior, has been lucky to be caught red-handed and bargaining with a girl for sex with her for $ 40.
 Anglo, who asked the girl to enter his car to agree with her on the amount, did not know that the girl belonged to the police and disguised.
 When some promoted that hip hop star Eve had asked to hire a prostitute to have sex with her in her hotel room, Eve described the allegations as “ridiculous” and stressed that if she wanted to have sex, she wouldn’t resort to prostitutes, according to a Hollywood publicist.  Jonathan Jason, Eve’s hiring for a prostitute, has already occurred at a hotel in South Florida.
 Wayne Rooney
 English footballer Wayne Rooney has made no secret to the press that he has used to have sex with prostitutes since he was 18, so in 2010 there were many rumors about Rooney all related to his sex scandals.
 Rooney had betrayed his wife Colin Rooney when she was pregnant with him, with a prostitute named Jennifer Thompson.He tried to hide the incident from the press by filing a case that prevented journalists from publishing his marital infidelity, but when he decided not to continue the case, the press learned about it.
 Zhang Ziyi
 “Zhang is not a saleswoman, she has never been,” said Zhang Ziyi, agent of Chinese actress John Mason in 2012, when the China-based US media accused him of “getting 100 million.”  Dollars from several high-level officials over a decade, for sex with the most famous Chinese stars.
 Lindsey Lohan
 Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, reportedly told Star magazine that his daughter was working as a “high-profile escort.” He accused his ex-wife and daughter’s mother, Dina, of bringing Lindsay the men who paid for her dating, describing what his ex-wife had done for Star.  “Disgusting.”
 Boy George
 The British pop star, who gained fame in the 1980s, was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Britain in 2009 after he was found guilty of detaining a male companion against his will at his home in London. Boy was assaulted by Norwegian model Oden Carlson, and handcuffed.  .
 Silvio Berlusconi
 Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was convicted earlier this year of paying a minor to have sex with her. Berlusconi received a seven-year prison sentence but is still awaiting appeal.
 Lamar Odom
 Radar Online revealed that basketball player Lamar Odom was arrested in 1997 when he tried to win over a girl who thought she was a prostitute. Odom had approached a girl who was in Las Vegas and tried to pay her for her money.  But in reality she was an undercover policeman who arrested him and had to pay a simple fine.
 David Beckham
 In 2010, a scandal rocked the home of David Beckham, when press reports of his betrayal of his wife were published, after a whore seller, Irma Nikki, told In Touch that she had sex with Beckham in 2007.
 The retired footballer tried to deny the incident, and filed a lawsuit against the magazine, trying in various ways to deny what he promoted about the alleged relationship, but lost the case, but he managed to save his marriage

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