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Lover for rent 10 exotic items on the Chinese Taobao shopping site

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China’s Taobao site is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, with 500 million subscribers dealing in about 50,000 commodities every minute.

 Tabao has two large platforms: T-Mall, which allows owners of prominent brands to sell directly to consumers, and Taobao Market, which enables small and emerging businesses to set up stores.

 On November 11, 2013, Taobao reported sales of one billion yuan in just six minutes on the site’s annual big sale day, while the site’s sales volume exceeded 35 billion yuan ($ 5.6 billion).
The website features more than 800 million items, including exotic and unconventional items found on Taobao Market:


Opponents in Syria announced the downing of a Syrian army drone in November last year.

 Once posted on the Internet, the plane turned out to be a product of DJI, based in the southern province of Shenzhen, and is sold on Taobao’s website.

 The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter has an internal camera and is being remotely controlled.

 It is priced at 4999 yuan at the T-Mall platform on the Chinese website.

 T-Mall statistics showed that sales of the DJI Innovation Company registered 134 Phantom 2 aircraft, including 80 last month.

 It is hard to say that the propaganda that the Syrian conflict contributed to the aircraft is a catalyst for such sales

2 – lover for rent 

Lunar New Year celebration in China is an occasion for the Chinese family to gather, such as Christmas celebrations in the West.

 But for many unmarried men and women, these family gatherings are a very stressful time, especially when relatives start asking personal questions.

 Before the start of the Chinese New Year, there will be crowded lists of men offering to serve as lovers.

 On Taobao’s website, a list of men’s prices for this task included:

 – 800 yuan per day for trips to other cities and family visits.

 – 150 yuan per hour for pretending to be a lover while shopping.

 – 50 yuan every 20 minutes in exchange for hearing complaints or mistreatment suffered by the other party and discharge negative energy has.

 By the end of the celebrations, all these lists disappeared, and it is not known if any of the men who offered their services on the site during the holidays received any response or request from anyone.

3 – live scorpions

Live scorpions are a popular commodity on the Taobao site, with more than 800 vendors offering a variety of species ranging from African Emperor scorpions sold as pets to Chinese armored tail scorpions that serve as healthy food.

 The price of 12 hands is one 

4- Mother’s milk soap

One of the exotic products offered for sale on the Taobao website has become popular, soaps made from breast milk.

 One woman who offered the soap for sale on the site said she was making it because her baby refused to drink milk.

 The woman posted a picture of herself carrying her baby with pictures of small pieces of soap in the form of hearts or flowers
5- Water plants
Wang Xiaafeng, 32, among the thousands of consumers on Taobao site, is known as the “brother of the earth.”

 Wang offers more than 20 kinds of products in his own online store, including homemade lotus seeds and sausages.

 Also popular is fiber water, which many believe helps soothe and lighten the skin

6-magic spells

The Taoist Principles, a set of philosophical, ideological, and religious principles derived from ancient Chinese ideas, severely affect the way of life of the Chinese
Many shops on Taobao use this to promote the Taoist amulets of Fu and sell them on the site, claiming that they give special power and bring good luck.

 These amulets are sold after writing Taoist symbols on special paper and performing religious rites on them to gain strength. The most famous amulets sold are those used to calm children from crying.


Taobao also offers a number of foods and food products, but the most famous (Marmit), a type of food made from yeast extracts, is not available in local supermarkets.

 The site offers two types of Marmite, the first in yellow in a package similar to those in Britain, and the second type with a red marker for New Zealand.

 Sellers offer their products after they have been prepared from several British, Canadian, Hong Kong and New Zealand sources

8. Poetry for the Spirit

The “Sad Poet of 50 Cents” shop is very popular on the Chinese shopping website, and its goods are verses of poetry for sale.

 Established in August, the store features 45 short poems by four poets

9- Lunch of the President

The “combo” meal has gained fame in China since President Qin Xinping at the pancake restaurant in Beijing last December.

 This meal has become the focus of attention of the Chinese, who go to this restaurant to eat, and is popular among tourists as well, and can also be ordered from anywhere in China via Taobao

10 – games cards

 Electronic games are a popular industry in China, and according to official statistics, 190 million people engaged in gaming activities in China in 2012.

 China’s gaming sector earns about 69 billion yuan a year.

 Taobao site is an important platform for the sector, where users can buy game cards, from game management officials, or pay to other players and make deals in the same game

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