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Famous and the worst diet that make you lose weight and health together

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Famous and the worst diet

Millions of people around the world are trying to lose weight every day, trying to try different diets, but sometimes they resort to some of the diets that may harm them, believing that as long as they gain international fame they certainly have a good impact.
 But in fact, the world contains a huge number of diets more than fifty species, some of them as bad as it seems from its name, such as: the diet of cookies (cookies) and ice cream, but there are some other diets that do not seem as bad as they are world famous and Arab, except  It has been classified as the worst diet in 2019, according to the USNews website.

 The Keto Diet
 The Keto diet ranks among the best in fast weight loss diets, which has earned it fame among those who want to lose some extra pounds, but it has a lot of damage that makes it guarantee its place among the most harmful diet
The Keto system relies on not eating carbohydrates, which leads to low blood sugar, which forces the body to burn fat already in it to provide the energy needed by the body;  The case of “ketosis” in which its energy depends on fat, and then is lost excess weight.

 Quito allows a large amount of fat to be consumed by 75% of what is consumed daily, while carbohydrates are estimated at 5-7% and proteins are estimated at 20%.

 But the picture is not rosy as promoted by keto supporters. According to Healthline, this diet is not a long-term diet.  Of their mass when losing weight this way, which also exposes the heart to various damages being a muscle of the body

This is why some nutritionists advise not to follow this diet only people with certain diseases such as type II diabetes, or people with some types of cancer, and this after doctors discovered that it leads to reduce the size of some tumors exposed to chemotherapy.
 The Atkins Diet
 The Atkins system is somewhat similar to the Keto system in that it depends on reducing carbohydrate intake, but in contrast depends heavily on protein and fat, as 55-80% of the total calories in this system comes from an animal source, while the proportion of carbohydrates  Not more than 5%, and these rates according to the Web site “MD” is not recommended for natural persons.

 Despite the rapid results of weight loss followers, which is based on several stages unlike the Quito system, many nutritionists link between eating a lot of protein and heart disease and kidney problems and osteoporosis afflicted by Atkins followers, and specialists  They have great doubts that increasing the percentage of fat and animal protein may increase the incidence of colon cancer

Dukan diet
 It is another extension of the Keto and Atkins systems.It is similar to Atkins in its different stages with carbohydrate intake from a direct source of “oat bran” versus increased animal protein intake, but it differs from the previous two diets in reducing fat intake, which deprives the body from getting  The necessary share of fat and cholesterol is beneficial to him.

 NutriLiving reports that the rapid weight loss associated with not eating the good nutrients needed by the body, and the vitamins found in many of the vegetables and fruits that are forbidden to eat, lead to significant problems in the muscles, heart and kidneys, in addition to the formation of gallstones.

 Furthermore, according to the Guardian website, the creator of the diet, Pierre Ducan, was convicted on the basis of a lawsuit filed against him by a former patient, who was damaged by a prescription he gave her without specifying the time limit for taking the drug.

Carnivore diet
 Carnivore diet is the most extreme form of the Atkins diet, requiring its followers not to eat any food except protein and animal fats only, while banning carbohydrates in all its forms, so that it is prohibited to eat vegetables and fruits

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