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Explore the benefits of carrot

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Learn about the five benefits of carrots

 Learn about the five benefits of carrots with Fatafeat
 Carrot is one of the most important vegetables, because it contains a high percentage of elements and vitamins very useful for the human body, and is grown in many regions around the world, and is also a plant available permanently throughout the year, where the carrots contain many vitamins such as A, C, B 1, B 2  B6, and some important nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and many fiber and mineral salts, as it contains a very high percentage of beta-carotene .. Here are the many benefits of the islands that protect us from various diseases ..
 1- Carrot benefits for the heart
 Carrots contain a high content of important nutrients, such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and lutein, and is an antioxidant that reduces cholesterol in the blood.It also contains potassium so it improves heart health.  Reduces the risk of heart attack.
2-Treatment of hypertension:
 Carrots contain a high content of potassium, which works to expand blood vessels, which leads to increased blood flow within our bodies, and reduces hypertension significantly, which
 Atherosclerosis, strokes.
3. Benefits of carrots for the liver:
 Carrots contain a high content of vitamin A, which helps our bodies to get rid of harmful toxins, it also helps to protect the liver and cleansing of toxins significantly, and reduces the deposition of bile and fat in the liver.
 4. Carrot and improve oral health:
 Carrots contain a very high content of vitamin C, which is very useful for oral health and gums, and stimulates the secretion of saliva that balances the acidity of the stomach and bacteria in the mouth, which in turn prevents tooth decay and bad breath
5. Improve digestion:
 Carrots contain a high percentage of dietary fiber, which improves digestion, and it facilitates the work of the digestive system effectively, and prevents the problems facing the digestive system, and it helps to treat constipation very significantly, which increases the softness of the intestines

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