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How to eat healthy food

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Nutritionists talked about useful shawarma, what we eat in fast food restaurants, ways to prepare sandwiches, which coffee causes more obesity than food, and how we can eat anything and keep us fit.

Nutriotionists recomand Healthy food

Nutritionists report that obesity causes a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To avoid this problem, they advise to pay attention to diet.

Nutritionists experts agree that the number of meals a day should not exceed three. But if a person spends too much energy and feels hungry, they can eat something light. “It’s important to start his day with breakfast,” says Mayra Rao, an endocrinologist. “If you can have breakfast at home, that’s a good thing. If you have to go to work early, you should eat breakfast before you start working, not eating coffee cups to overcome hunger.”

The lunch should be balanced and contain vegetables, whole grains and proteins, which helps to work fruitfully, and not to eat a fat meal at dinner.

Dr Darya Rosakova, chief physician at the Hospital for Nutrition and Health, points out that diet should be considered in advance. That is to say what you will eat tomorrow.

If it is not possible to eat a full meal can be a snack of dairy products, vegetables and fruits. But it is better and easier to go to the fast food restaurant and eat shawarma. According to nutritionist Sergey Oblogko. Because shawarma contains all the necessary substances for the body.

Nutrition experts point out that it is necessary to pay attention not only to food, but also to drinks. It is necessary to drink cold water, especially on days when the temperature is high to prevent dehydration of the body, also can be tea and boiled herbs and coffee is important to be without sugar. At the same time, they emphasize the need to avoid drinking soft drinks as much as possible. According to expert Maira Rao.

Apologogko suggests that coffee can be taken with milk but once a day.

Nutritionists say there are very harmful food items, such as sweetened dairy products and ice cream, which can be replaced with fresh juices diluted with water. According to Rosakova.

For his part, Apologco points out that whole milk is a treacherous drink. This milk for growth and weight gain, so women should not be wary of it. Girls up to 16 years of age grow in length, but then start growing by width. That is, what benefits children may be harmful to adults. He added, the milk can be switched to yogurt. But it is not recommended to eat at dinner, because it stimulates the secretion of insulin and this may cause weight gain.

As for the different diets, says Maira Rao, there are popular diets such as “Keto”, “periodic hunger”, and the diet “Paleo” and others, which must be followed on a person on a medical basis. A diet is a fashion and has nothing to do with medicine.

Apologico concludes by saying, the Mediterranean diet remains the best, because the source of proteins from fish, however, we do not advise women to eat it at dinner because it causes edema – in the morning 400 grams weight gain.

Generally according to nutrition experts in order to maintain a healthy weight and curb its increase, physical activity should be carried out periodically organized, because this activity burns all excess calories, and thus prevents weight gain

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