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Did you know that the drink of Coca-Cola eliminates rust

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 Did you know that the drink of Coca-Cola eliminates rust

 It is said that soft drinks such as Coca-Cola are harmful to health, but in contrast, some consider Coca-Cola the best soft drink.In addition to its distinctive taste due to its secret chemical composition, this soft drink has advantages that make it useful in more than one area, according to a report published by the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Diyar”.

 Coca-Cola can be used to remove rust by applying the drink to the rust-covered body all night to clean in the morning.  A rough cloth with some of the Coca-Cola liquid can also be used to clean surfaces that have been attacked by rust.

 Cola can be used as a cleaning agent for windows, as it contains citric material that contributes to the removal of dirt, but provided that the windows are then washed with water to get rid of the residue of sugar.

 Metal utensils can also be cleaned with the help of Coca-Cola, to remove the blackness on top.  So a little Coca-Cola should be poured into the jar and then put it on low heat, then wash it back to clean as it was.

 In some cases there is no substitute for Coca-Cola, especially on the beaches.  In addition, it is one of the sawmill drinks accompanying the atmosphere of entertainment, can be used to alleviate the pain of bite jellyfish, in the absence of other means of treatment.

 Coca-Cola also helps kill annoying insects.  To achieve this it is enough to put a pot containing this insect killer soft drink in one of the parts of the house, forming a bait for them to go to drink but in fact go to death with her feet .. Or wings.  In the garden of the house is more useful, where the contents of the pot after the task can be used as a means to improve the fertility of the soil.

 The interesting benefit of Coca-Cola is that it can be used as a fountain with the help of menthol beans. The chemical reaction between the beans and the drink leads to a “small volcano” for entertainment.

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