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Chocolate shoes cost more than real shoes

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Chocolate shoes cost more than real shoes yes this a true fact


Chocolate shoes look like real shoes with all the fine details, as if they were made of 100% natural leather, but the only difference between them is that they are edible!
 Gentleman’s Radiance is a chocolate line belonging to a shop in Osaka, Japan, created by the professional chocolate maker Motohiro Okai. Each shoe size is 26 cm in length.  These include reddish-brown, dark shade, glossy, and each pair of shoes comes with a care kit, including a shoe cream vase with round chocolate bars.

shoes with chocolate

Talking about the price of these shoes, they cost 29,160 yen, or $ 258 (967 Saudi riyals).  Nine pairs of these shoes will be available for purchase, and only through booking, the quantities of which are very limited

famous chef who make shoes from chocolate

two pair of shoes with chocolate

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