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Prostitution and corruption among famous stars

Share itTweetIn the monitoring of the most prominent stars and public figures who were exposed to the use of prostitutes, and paid money for the establishment of sexual relations, although some of them were linked to beautiful girls and celebrities famous, what is the secret of the attachment of men …

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Nicole Kidman kissed for her colleague

Share itTweetNicole Kidman kissed for her colleague Australian actress Alexander Skarsgard has congratulated her colleague in the film “Big Little Lies” with a kiss on his lips after winning the Emmy Award in front of her husband, musician Keith Urban. Share itTweet

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La La Land won the Oscar

Share itTweet“La La Land” won the Oscar For the first time in the history of this concert, a film is announced to win because of the mistake, as the actor Warren Beatty, on the 26th of February, the film won the award for best picture instead of “Moonlight.” Share itTweet

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Adele breaks the Grammy Award for Beyonce

Share itTweetAdele breaks the Grammy Award for Beyonce British actress Adele, one of the Grammy Awards, has been cut in half on stage to give her half to American actress Beyonce, her rival, for believing she deserves her on her album Lemonade. Share itTweet

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