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Fact about eating negative calorie foods

Share itTweetWe’ve heard that eating negative calorie foods can be a good diet strategy. But what is that exactly? The Internet is filled with menus of alleged calorie-negative foods – foods that are supposed to consume more energy to digest than they provide. Many of these foods are vegetables and …

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How to eat healthy food

Share itTweet Nutritionists talked about useful shawarma, what we eat in fast food restaurants, ways to prepare sandwiches, which coffee causes more obesity than food, and how we can eat anything and keep us fit. Nutritionists report that obesity causes a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To …

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Explore the benefits of carrot

Share itTweetLearn about the five benefits of carrots       Learn about the five benefits of carrots with Fatafeat  Carrot is one of the most important vegetables, because it contains a high percentage of elements and vitamins very useful for the human body, and is grown in many regions around …

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All kind of diet

Low calories food

Share itTweet 1- Diet Atkins  It is a special diet program to lose weight.It depends mainly on fats and proteins while keeping away from any carbohydrates.You can eat whatever you want from protein, fats and a very small amount of carbohydrates due to the high and low insulin content which …

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