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Can Robots predict the future

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Can robots predict the future we will answer about this question in this article

Scientists have created a new technology that helps robots “anticipate the future” and events, using optical technology.
 The new technology allows the robot to learn how to handle events that have never happened before.  Future self-driving cars can help predict road events and produce smarter home robots.
 Robots worked by computer scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, can predict the performance of cameras in a particular sequence of movements.
 The new robotic tool is still relatively simple at the moment, predicting the future for just a few seconds.
 More importantly, a robot can learn to perform tasks without any help from humans, or have a prior knowledge of physics and the surrounding environment, building a new paradigm of ambient objects.
 Robots rely on a deep learning technique called neurodynamic (DNA), and the DNA-based model predicts how pixels move from one frame to another, based on the robot’s motion.
 Using this model, robots are able to perform complex tasks, such as overcoming obstacles, pushing objects on the table, and then choosing suggestions that would move a specific object to the desired location.

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