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All kind of diet

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kind of diet

1- Diet Atkins
 It is a special diet program to lose weight.It depends mainly on fats and proteins while keeping away from any carbohydrates.You can eat whatever you want from protein, fats and a very small amount of carbohydrates due to the high and low insulin content which in turn reduces the percentage of body fat dependence and storage.
 You should consult a doctor before implementing this system
 2 – Diet Zone or 4-3-3
 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 30% protein
 It is the ideal eating ratio to reduce your weight according to this system.It mainly uses the control of insulin in the blood to help the body to the largest amount of fat.
 3- Vegetarian Diet
 No eating is derived from an animal except eggs and dairy products.
 This is the motto and system of all vegetarians who are present all over the world and in increasing numbers every year.  It is a simple system where it does not require a certain type of food or even regulate the time of eating.
 4 – Diet Vegan
 It is not a diet and not just a diet for those who follow this system may not eat any food derived or even came from an animal so milk, eggs and even honey is prohibited in this system.
 5- Diet Water
 No need to pay attention to protein, fat and carbohydrates in eating, because you will not need it in this system!
 The system is easy and simple; just water for 3 days then the direction for just one apple a day with sure water.
 Proven useful in reducing weight significantly and quickly, but also there is still research and experiments indicate that it is not useful system as after returning to eat will increase your weight quickly as lost!

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