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A man uses a plastic bag in shopping for 34 years

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A man uses a plastic bag in shopping for 34 years
The Internet and various social networking sites have contributed to the communication of individuals living in different countries despite the distance between them.  The strange thing that we offer you today in this topic is about a man using a plastic bag for more than 34 years, and this man named Martin.

 Martin, who is about 72 years old, has used a plastic bag more than 2,000 times, since he has used it since 1981. The bag is written on the outside of the name Tesco Bag, which is dedicated to a grocery store.

Martin’s daughter Helen discovered the existence of this old bag with her father.I was surprised to keep this bag and take it when buying some needs.Helen knew that this bag has three decades and her father Martin still keeps it.I posted a picture of the bag on Facebook with her father.

 Martin told the media that he could not remember the things he stored in the bag, but he always had the motto of keeping some garbage, such as bags. Martin keeps the bag folded in his pocket until he finds it when he needs it, Martin says before he gets rid of the bag.  Plastic uses it several times, especially if it can withstand use, knowing that Martin did not put any heavy objects in the plastic bag.

 Martin admitted that he kept a lot of old plastic bags, but Tesco bag is his oldest plastic bag.

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